Welcome to Club Research, located within the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University, a top ten UK academic institution (Guardian University League Table 2015).

Club Research is run by me, Dr Karenza Moore, and is the home of academic research on alcohol, illegal drug and novel psychoactive substance (NPS) use, the night-time economy (NTE) and electronic dance music (EDM) club (sub)cultures or ‘scenes’.

I have been researching and writing about clubs, club drugs and dance music fans for over ten years. My research explores the roles that raving/clubbing and related drug use play in the lives of people today. Using predominately ethnographic methods and drawing on recent turns towards the material, affective and sensory within the social sciences, I contest simplistic notions of ‘drugs’ and explore drug use as highly contested practices involving moral significance and normative judgements. I am committed to developing what I call ‘critical drug studies’.

Taking a sociological view of intoxication (rather than or alongside epidemiological, public health and criminal justice approaches), my work explores drug use as part of situated practices in specific socioeconomic and cultural contexts such as contemporary night-time economies (NTEs).

Most recently, I have written about gender and drug use (Moore and Measham 2013); undertaken a critique of recent scholarly activity on the Balearic ‘party island’ of Ibiza (Moore and Bhardwa 2014); and used the emergent concept of ‘assemblage urbanism’ (Shaw 2014) to explore licensing, ‘securitisation’ and the concept of ‘atmosphere’ (or ‘vibe’) in urban playspaces at night (Moore 2016).

I am also conducting a five year ethnographic research project on the ‘trance scene’ in the north of England, and a study on post-dance-event afterparties.

I hope you find this site useful and interesting.

Dr Karenza Moore

Lecturer in Applied Social Science

Department of Sociology

Lancaster University

Degree: PhD Sociology (Surrey), MA Medical Sociology (Dinstinction) (University of East Anglia), BA (Hons) Sociology and French (First Class) (UEA), Registered Practitioner, Higher Education Academy

Associated research centres and groups: Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies

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Shaw, R. (2014) Beyond Night-time Economy: Affective atmospheres of the urban night, Geoforum, 51: 87-95.